photo-Vahit Tuna

Artcritic and Curator. She coordinated the 1st (1987) and the 2nd (1989) Istanbul Biennale, curated exhibitions of Turkish artists in 43rd, 45th, 49th, 50th and 51st Venice Biennale, co-curated the exhibition Modernities and Memories-Recent Works from the Islamic World in 47th Venice Biennale.

Since 1984 she has organized more than 250 local and international artists in her art centres and in other official art spaces in Istanbul. She curated and co-curated over 50 international group shows including Sanat, Texhn (1992); Treffen-Kunst (1993); Iskele-Türkische Kunst Heute (Berlin-Stuttgart) 1994); Orient Express (Berlin 1994); Xample (1995); Concrete Visions (1995); Gold-X-Change (1997); Kerteriz (1998); Berlin in Istanbul (Berlin 1998); Reise durch das Labyrinth (Berlin, 1998); Memories and Modernities (1998); Veritas Omnia Vincit (2000); “In Image We Trust” (2001); “Sheshow” (Sofia, 2002); “Registering the Distance- Istanbul/Los Angeles”, Crazyspace, Santa Monica (2003); “The Sphinx Will Devour You”, Karşı Sanat (2004); Bizhan Bassiri, “Evoporations”, Tophane-i Amire (2004);  “Neighbours in Dialogue, Istanbul Collection Exhibition for Ars Aevi, Sarajevo” , Feshane, İstanbul (2007); “Atmosphere 41” Contemporary Art from Georgia, Siemens Art Gallery, Istanbul (2007); Bahçesaray, Crimea, Contemporary Art  Exhibition (Turkey, Greece, Russia, Ukraine) (2008); Neighbours in Dialogue Exhibition, Sarajevo (2008); A week of Art and Culture from Turkey, Pamplona (Huarte Contemporary Art Center), Spain (2008); Istanbul Diptychs, Istanbul Centre in Brussels (2008); Contemporary Art Collection for Point Hotel, Istanbul (2009); Next Wave, Exhibition of 17 Women Artists from Turkey,  Berlin Academy Pariser Platz (2009); Cityscapes, Lothringer 13, Munich and Istanbul Siemens Art Gallery (2010-2011); 2011; A Conceptual Heritage: Vanguard Exhibitions, 1980-1990, Antik AŞ Artam Art Gallery (2011); co-curated ANTEPRİMA, 6 Video Artists from Turkey and Italy, ICI, Istanbul; Joseph Kosuth, “The Wake”, Kuad Gallery (2012), Aidan Salakhova Exhibition, MMOMA, Moscow (2012 November). Alanica 2013, North Ossetia-Alania; Kalliopi Lemos Exhibition in Fener School for Girls, İstanbul (2013). 2013-2014 curated the exhibitions “OnLine”, “Unhappy Readymade”, “The Images of the Sensible” in Kuad Gallery.

Beral Madra has represented and coordinated Istanbul Scholarship of Berlin Senate ( 1995-2013). Curated international shows in Borusan Art Gallery (1997-2000). Curated the exhibitions in West LB, Istanbul (1999-2002). Lectured in the Art Management Department of the Faculty of Art and Design of Yildiz Technical University (1998-2002). She is founding member Diyarbakır Art Centre (established September 2002 ; founding member of Foundation of Future Culture and Art; founding member and honorary president of AICA, Turkey (established 2003): 2008-2010 Visual Arts Director of İstanbul 2010 ECOC, conducting the major projects Lives and Works in İstanbul, Portable Art, Kadırga Art Production Center, Sanat Limanı. BM-CV-ENG-2013

2012 Founder and partner of Kuad Gallery:

Publications: “Identity of Contemporary Art” (1987), “Post-peripheral Flux-A Decade of Contemporary Art in Istanbul” (1996); “İki Yılda Bir Sanat” (Art Every Two Years- Essays on Biennale), Norgunk Yayıncılık, 2003; “Neighbours in Dialogue”, Norgunk, 2005;  “Maidan” Essays on Contemporary Art in South Caucasus and Middle East, BM CAC Publications, 2007. “Home Affairs”, Essays on Contemporary Art in Turkey, BM CAC Publications, 2009. 1980-1995 articles in Gösteri, Arredamento Dekorasyon, Cumhuriyet, Istanbul, Kalın, Anons; 1995-2010 Radikal (160 articles); From 2011 on in Birgün. Currently column in Istanbul Art News. Edited numerous catalogues and books published by the Visual arts Directorate of İstanbul 2010 ECOC.