As Author:

Post-peripheral FluxA Decade of Contemporary Art in Istanbul, Literatür Yayınevi, Istanbul, 1996.

İki Yılda Bir Sanat 1987-2003, Norgunk Yayınları, Istanbul, 2003.

Home Affairs: Ten articles published in Radikal 2000-2009, BM CAC Publications, Istanbul, 2009

As Editor:

Art Criticism and Curatorial Practice East of EU Workshop and Roundtable in Conjunction with the 8th Istanbul Biennial, AICA-Turkey Publication, 2004.

Neighbours in Dialogue (with Ayşe Orhun Gültekin), Norgunk Publications, Istanbul, 2005.

Komşularla Konuşmalar (Ayşe Orhun Gültekin ile birlikte), Norgunk Yayınları, Istanbul, 2007.

MAIDAN: Contemporary Art in South Caucasus and Middle East, BM CAC Publications, Istanbul, 2007.

After All/Herşeyden Sonra: Continental Breakfast Symposium, BM CAC Publications, Istanbul, 2008.

2008-2010 Edited the books and catalogues of Istanbul 2010 ECOC Visual Arts Directorate.